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"Be the voice of courage, be the voice of change"



There are a number of ways change can happen where we live


These include:

  • Working with marae, places of worship, and other settings in the community to help support healthy change

  • Working with food systems to encourage healthy change to make healthy choices easier

Whangaehu Marae have developed a tikanga waipiro to keep their whanau safe around alcohol.

Find out more about what they have done by watching the clip below.

Whangaehu Marae

Whangaehu Marae

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Join the healthier communities movement.  Our team know the communities here because we are part of them and are passionate about seeing the amazing communities here thrive.

Visit the Resources tab to download toolkits and tip sheets to assist in improving the places where you live.

Contact our team today to see how we can help

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