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"Be the voice of courage, be the voice of change"


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We are dedicated in our mahi in addressing the underlying conditions that impact our health and wellbeing, in order to reduce the risk of suicides in our rohe.

This report is an approach that reflects the collective willingness to shift the dial, to do something different and to ensure we understand this is a call for real radical change.

Radical change means changing our thinking, narrative, and practices - from welfare to wellbeing, from loss to love, from intervention to prevention. To that end, this report is co-designed and coordinated through a social innovation lens. We have leveraged the existing willingness, strategies and movements of change. Woven together by our community voice and the lived realities of whānau. 

To our communities, iwi, Māori leaders, community champions, frontline professionals, the Whanganui District Health Board CEO and Board of Whanganui, Rangitīkei, Ruapehu rohe we thank you for joining the conversation, sharing your thoughts, experiences and ideas. We are grateful to have shared this space so others can learn from you and be inspired to act differently. 


The videos in the channel below is about Tāne Māori finding strength in vulnerability. In August 2020 we held space for our Tāne Māori with an intent to start designing what the Growing Collective Wellbeing for the prevention of suicide space looked like for Tāne Māori. We soon realised that our tāne just wanted a space to sit and share. The group grew bigger every time. A movement had begun. 

Vulnerability is strength

Join the movement


Marguerite McGuckin led the strategy development. “This strategy is a culmination of listening and talking with our community, with anyone and everyone we could. In order to create transformational change, the wellbeing of our vulnerable populations needed to be at the center of our collective thinking. And we’ve had amazing feedback from people from different places and spaces who have told us they can see themselves in the strategy” she said.

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Given that suicide prevention is a complex challenge, unable to be solved by a single organisation, the framework is intended to serve as a unifying and binding tool. At its heart it provides a narrative of how the many stakeholders will work together, community-wide, to address the challenge of suicide. It is intended to be an overarching blueprint, providing a holistic frame for coordinated planning and activity.

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Whanganui District Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework

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