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Starry Night

Engaging and empowering our communities of the importance to understand Mātauranga Māori Systems as prevention solutions for greater health and wellbeing


Maramataka the fall or turn of the moon

The maramataka is the traditional measure of time used by our tupuna utilising the lunar phases.  It incorporates a sensory understanding of our environment and differs from rohe to rohe, depending on the environmental factors and signs that each area presents. 

In Whanganui, Rangitīkei and Ruapehu the beginning of each marama begins with Whiro, the new moon.  Maramataka is a practical way to approach each day. 

By observing and developing a connection with the marama (moon), we can ensure that as individuals we are best placed to tackle the things life may throw at us, which then allows us to start to become our best selves and then contribute to the improved health and wellbeing of our whānau, hapu, iwi, and communities.


Historically, the maramataka was used to guide all activities, from fishing and gardening, to wānanga and travelling. 

Our tupuna were so in tune with their taiao (environment) and our atua that this happened organically and Healthy Families WRR are working with others in the community to bring back some of those practices that kept us connected and healthy.


One easy way that we can do this is by adjusting our activity levels according to the energy levels and pull of the moon.  Everything has an ebb and a flow, including us, so by allowing ourselves to rest during the low energy phases and amping it up on the high energy phases we are placing ourselves in a position for optimum benefits.

Similarly, we can also adjust our kai intake on these days – less intake on days where you use less energy, and more (of the good stuff) on the days where we are burning up more energy.


Another way that we can begin to get more in tune with the taiao is to use the maramataka in our work life – there are days that are good for meetings, good for writing reports, good for beginning new kaupapa, or good to just get outside and have a walking meeting.


Get in touch with us if you would like to explore how you could start to incorporate teachings of the maramataka in your every day life.


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