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National Kai Impact Report - Healthy Families NZ

Over the last six months or so, Kai Systems Innovators from Healthy Families sites all around Aotearoa have been bringing together local stories of kai systems change. These stories have formed the National Kai Impact Report, which is an insight into the different local food movements that are making significant gains around the motu. From local food collectives to kai in schools programmes, to local kai hubs and community composting - these stories tell of impactful local initiatives and the role Healthy Families plays in enabling community-led development.

The Kai Impact Report has been a collaboration between all of the Healthy Families sites, with final compilation and graphic design done by our Whanganui-based Kai Systems Innovator, Dave Hursthouse (HFWRR).

An excerpt: "Our communities have the solutions to the food insecurity they are experiencing. Local movements are clearly linked to innovative outcomes and changes in the food system.

Right now, we need advocates, influencers and decision makers to contribute their expertise and leverage to create long-term change.

Working together, we will see fast-paced and radical transformation of the food system in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Join the movement. Transform the food system."

Download Here:

National Kai Impact Report - Healthy Families NZ - Final A3 for Distribution - 24.05.22
Download PD • 21.63MB


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